InMotion Hosting Guide & Review.

InMotion is one of the oldest, largest and most established web hosting companies we recommend. And if a company’s history and corporate stability is something that you consider when selecting your website’s home, InMotion is an excellent “old guard option” that still does a great job doing what brought them customers in the first place.

Let’s explain that one. Often times the longer a company has been around, and especially the more customers they have, they end up losing their competitive edge and get into the habit of investing more into marketing than they do their products (…yea, we’re talking to you, GoDaddy).

InMotion seems to have avoided that pitfall and still does a great job overall. Their customer service is on point, uptime is solid, and their load time is 6th out of our top 10. If you’re considering InMotion, they’re a perfectly great hosting company, though, with packages starting at $6.39 a month, you could scroll up our list of recommended web hosts and find more for less.