Hostgator Cloud Hosting Guide & Review.

It’s important to make clear that we are recommended Hostgator Cloud, which is a relatively new premium offering by Hostgator, and not to be confused with their original Hostgator Shared (which is a little slow, to be honest).

Hostgator is a very reputable web hosting company with millions of website customers who enjoy near perfect uptime (99.99%), free migration services, and a simpler-than-normal backend interface for those who are relatively new to working with their websites.

Fortunately, Hostgator now offers a product — Hostgator Cloud, which solves the primary complaint that we’ve always has about their Shared plan, in that it was way too slow compared to similarly priced competitors. Their Cloud product cuts the average load time from 1020ms (Shared) to a perfectly respectable 545ms. Combined with free migration services, ease of use, and a still affordable price, Hostgator Cloud is worth considering for those who need a little help with their hosting setup.